The farmer’s market

After the dreary weather this winter we needed a little taste of summer.The farmers market is a must do for our family in the summer.We always walk there since it is very close to our house.IMG_8081

IMG_8089 It is open every Saturday and the most attractive thing for the kids is the fresh, warm DONUTS. Tree types of donuts powdered sugar, plain, and cinnamon sugar (personal favorite).


IMG_8096Who wants plain donuts when you can have suger all over your face.  Besides the donuts there are a lot the of other thing to. flowers, apple sider,fresh fruit, honey, vegetables ect…




IMG_8100We were inspired to make, (with all the fruit that we bought ) fruit smoothies. I came up with one inspired by the River Cottage Cookbook, strawberry mint smoothie.

Strawberry Mint Smoothie.


1 cup ripe strawberries ,hulled (with the green thing taken off the top).

1/8 cup strawberry yogurt

1/8 cup sour cream

2 Tab suger

1 squeeze of lemon juice

2 Tab finely chopped fresh mint leaves

2 Tab honey

Blend every thing in a food processor or blender. And enjoy 🙂


What fruit combos do you think would go well in a smoothie? (comment above to reply)


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