When me and my family visited our cousins in Nashville Tennessee, one morning they asked,”do you want waffles for breakfast?” we said, “sure” expecting some frozen waffles from a box. But instead they got out their waffle maker and started to make the waffle batter.They turned out to be these delicious, hot, crispy, golden brown waffles. Ever since then we were inspired to make waffles  from scratch. We finally got a waffle maker, perfected the recipe, and went through a phase ware we were eating waffles almost every day.





2 eggs

2 cups flour

4 tea baking powder

2 Tab vanilla

3 Tab suger

1 3/4 cup milk

1/2 cup  vegetable oil

1 pinch salt

Dump all the indigents in a medium sized bowl, wait to stir it  until all the indigents are in the bowl. Plug in your waffle maker and pour in about 1/2 cup of batter.(make sure you don’t fill it to full or else it will leak out the sides) Cook the waffles until your waffle maker says it is ready. Take out your waffles and serve immediately with powdered sugar or maple syrup (or any other toppings you can think of).

What toppings do you think would go well on a waffle? (comment above to reply)


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