The best beginner kid cookbook

As it says in the about page i started to cook and bake when i was 6. And this is a cookbook that i used in those first couple years of learning the basics of cooking and baking.

The River Cottage Family Cookbook



This cookbook i highly recommend for beginner cooks. It goes through all the basics. It has cool pictures and is kid and family friendly.It also gives a little history about how certain foods were developed and such. (we used it a lot for homeschooling) My brother Ezra and our neighbor learned how to  poach an egg using this cookbook they also learned how to make irish soda bread.I learned how to make my first ever chocolate eclairs, and strawberry fool.They even teach you how to make fresh pasta and things like that.If you want get the perfect cookbook for beginner cooks, get this book.


Can you tell it’s been used a lot?



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