Fresh pasta

I always thought the idea of making pasta from scratch was so cool, so i decided to try it.The overall texture is a little different then normal dried pasta, it is a little more soft and has more of a…..homemade flavor. Really good. What tends to be the problem with me is i will  let the dough sit out for a very short period of time,this causes the dough to stretch back when you roll it so the pasta tends to be a little thick. So the key is to let it sit out for at least an hour. Its kind of a long, fun process but you can make a really good sauce for it.

Fresh pasta


My food processor broke, so sometimes you have to improvise.











Fresh pasta (technique learned from America’s Test Kitchen cookbook)


2 cups flour

7 eggs 2 hole 5 yokes

2 Tab olive oil

1 tea salt

2 Tab warm water

Add everything in a food processor and pulse about 30 times until it forms into a ball. If your dough is too sticky add a little more flour if it is to dry add a little more water. Knead for about 1 min or until smooth and then roll into a 6 inch log.Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temp for about 1-4 hours.Then divide into 6 equal pieces.Working with one piece at a time roll until 6 inches wide and 20 inches long. After you roll out all the pieces take a sheet tray and put a dish towel on the bottom then lay as many sheets of pasta on it as you can.Let sit out until firm about 15 min..You can keep the pasta in the fridge on a plate covered with tin foil for up to a day one day.And when your ready to make your pasta, bring a big pot of water to a boil. When its boiling add a good amount of salt 2-3 Tab then add your pasta string it a little bit. You’ll know its done when it floats to the top 1-3 min. Take out your pasta with a slotted spoon and put almost any thing on it and enjoy. My family’s favorite thing to put on pasta is just plain butter and salt or pesto.

What is your favorite thing to put on pasta? (comment above to reply)



5 thoughts on “Fresh pasta

  1. Liza!! I’m so impressed I can hardly speak! I always thought fresh pasta was too difficult, but you’ve inspired me to try something new!! Thanks!

  2. Hey liza – I have always wanted to try to make fresh pasta. Do you really think its worth the extra work? Yours looks awesome!

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