Thuan’s egg rolls

Thuan and her husband Throng fled from Vietnam in a boat with 2 kids and came to America and my grandparents sponsourd them before my dad was even born. Ever since Thuan met my grandparents she has been making all these amazing Vietnamese foods for them, such as flan, fou (a type of soup), and eggrolls ect… I was at my grandparents house a couple days ago and they said that Thuan would love to teach me how to make eggrolls.

Cutting off some bark from the tree that may have gotten stuck on the fungus 030

Pelling the carrots 032

The chopped jicama and onion 041

the vegetables and  Vermicelli Bean Threads 044

the meat and some of the onion and jicama in the food processor 048

The assembly 057


Frying the egg rolls 075



1 pkg. Vermicelli Bean Threads (individual pkg)
2 Jicama (Mexican turnip)
7 carrots
2 medium onions
1 can crab meat drained
3 eggs
10 pieces of fungus
1 ½ lb. Pork Sirloin Tip Roast (Kirkland)
2 pkg. Spring Roll Shells (25 per pkg.)
Crisco Vegetable Oil for frying

Proportion should be approx.. 2 lb. vegetables to 1 1/2 lb. pork


Soak fungus 2 hours
Cut off hard bases of fungus and chop – set aside
Peel carrots – then shave carrots into bowl – set aside
Peel jicama – slice into thin match sticks and then into tiny pieces – let dry out some
Dice onions into small pieces – place in bowl with jicama
Lightly wash bean threads – cut with scissors and add to onion and jicama bowl –toss to mix
In food processor chop carrots – add and chop fungus
Rinse, dry and thin slice pork into strips – add to onions and jicama in food processor – chop into small chunks – add 2t salt and pepper and sugar – grind again in processor
Combine with carrot and jicama mixture
Add drained crab meat to mixture


– Break 1 egg on plate and mix together – to be used as a ‘glue’
– Take one sheet of paper and lay on clean surface with a point towards you
– Place an ice cream scoop full of mixture on paper approx.. 2” from pointed end
– Roll once and tuck pointed end in under mixture
– Roll once more and then bring in sides at right angles to the roll
– Continue to roll up to the last 2 inches- brush paper with egg and finish wrapping
– Repeat process – this mixture should make between 45 and 50 eggrolls

Fill a large, heavy bottomed pan with enough Crisco oil to fill it ½ full when oil is liquefied (filling to full with oil can cause overflow)
Turn cook top to high and heat oil until a small piece of shell paper sizzles to indicate oil is ready for cooking
Carefully place eggrolls in pan filling up with one layer
Cook on high heat for approx. 2-4 minutes
Turn heat down to medium and cook approx.. 8-10 minutes until light golden brown
Turn heat back up to high for approx. 2 more minutes until eggrolls are golden brown
Drain eggrolls on paper towels
Best to eat immediately but may be refrigerated for a few days or frozen in Ziploc bags


Fish Sauce:

1 Tbls sugar
1 Tbls lemon or lime juice
1 ¼ Tbs Fish sauce
4 Tblls water
1 TblsChili garlic pepper sauce
Combine all and serve as a dipping sauce for the eggrolls


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