Daily detox

Me and my dad love fruit any thing, smoothies, fruit juice but then i found this big bush of fresh min in my back yard and decided to stick a couple leaves in my water and it tasted amazing!! So refreshing and then i thought what if i put other fruits  in with it. I came up with all sorts of combinations but you can really add what ever you want. One of my favorites is mint, kiwi and lemon. You can just keep it in the fridge and drink it when ever you want.





I also have a lot of cool smoothie recipes

Strawberry mint

Mixed berry coconut

Strawberry mango

Strawberry mint smoothies


Mango strawberry smoothie


1: Fill a mason jar water bottle or what ever, with water

2: Add what ever fruit or vegetable to the water

3: Let sit in the fridge for at least a couple hours

4: Dink and enjoy



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