Dad’s 39th Birthday

Hope every had a great holiday season! January 1 was my dad’s 39th Birthday, it was great! We were in Indiana at my grandparents house to celebrate. Me and my Grandpa planed the meal, we made beef Burgundy, delicious. And my Grandma gave me some of her secrets to our family famous cheesecake. It was a great time. We had all 5 of my Dads siblings, cousins and my Moms parents there. I will link the recipe for the beef burgundy below, but unfortunately i can not give away the cheese cake recipe, that one is a secret. This was so fun! I love planning parties, especially if its my Dads, and of course, great, great, food.

Beef Burgundy recipe link

Me and pops

photo 5After dinner and coffee in comes the cheesecake

photo 1


photo 2


photo 4


photo 3

Me and Dadphoto 3


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