My 12th Birthday

I know its been kind of a lot of Birthdays lately but this is another special very special one. January 19th was my 12th birthday and it was awesome. In the morning me and my dad went to the Grand Lux Cafe in down town Chicago. The Grand Lux is amazing! the food, the setting, the service everything about it was amazing.


Waiting in line 10 min before the restaurant actually opens.


We got a great seat!



The menu was big, that means lots of choices.



We had strawberry lemonade which was delicious.



I got garlic shrimp pasta. yum.



Dad got fish and chips. Also yum.



So fun!



We ordered a dessert and we were talking to the waiter and telling him about my blog and then when the dessert that we ordered came out there was one other thing that was included.


Do you see what is on the edge of that plate, it says how cool is that. I was so excited! The other dessert was delicious to, a chocolate molten cake, mmmmm, so good.

So overall this restaurant was delicious!!! I decently recommend it, and we will be back next year (hopefully sooner)



3 thoughts on “My 12th Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday to you, Liza. That looked like a delightful place to celebrate your birthday with your dad! It was so much fun to see you and your sisters and brothers tonight. Keep up the posting! Love, Aunt M

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